Leo Janssens

Leo Janssens

Leo Janssens, a genuine one with The Scills

LEO JANSSENS originated from a family of professional musicians, in jazz and in classical music they were active, which ment that Leo got a broad base for all music styles. Leo has been into thé music since he was a child. So he can do many genres and is a real ‘craftsman’ as they say.

You should keep an eye on LEJO aka LEO JANSSENS’ footwork during a show, this is a show in itself. Not that he’s dancing during these performances, but it is a special moment when he uses his instruments to continuously witchcraft different sounds. He simply is a perfectionist.

When one thinks of Lejo, one thinks guitar, guitar and more guitar.

You never know which guitar he will use, he just works that one concert or performence that the day brings him. It always sounds different, but always perfect. His harmonies and rithms, a regular person would get all confused by, are natural to him. Lejo knows how to add toe ach accord a single note to create more dept, tension, bluesness or Jazz. This is typical for the scills-pop of scills-sound.

This guitarwork was always noticed by other artists, resulting in Flemisch (BE) showbizz to ask him several times to help them out. PATRICK ONZIA and many others greatfully used his help.

Apart from the true guitarwork in The Scills, Leo before also pulled strings for known bands such as BILJARTEN NA HALFTIEN and, from Antwerp FILET D’ANVERS. This not only as a musician, but also as a singer and producer.

His hometown Antwerp, also asked for his talent as a writer and composer. Think of the bands FILET D’ANVERS and VANTSTAD in this respect.

LEO JANSSENS, member of:
The Scills, more than a popband !